O-I makes new bottle for Hooghoudt bitters

O-I makes new bottle for Hooghoudt bitters

New glass package supports the brand’s new positioning and is the perfect match between authentic and modern

The Netherlands - Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI), the world's largest producer of glass containers, was chosen by Dutch family-owned distillery Hooghoudt to manufacture its new bitters bottle. With the brand’s overall repositioning and the new glass packaging, Hooghoudt is aiming to convey a new authentic and modern image to both existing and new customers. 

Niels Grootenboer, Marketing Manager at Hooghoudt: "We are committed to innovation, and always want to give our brands something extra. Besides the taste of our product, the glass packaging forms an important part of that unique experience. The new bottle is a mix of authentic, cool, rustic and modern, and is a good match for the intense character of the herbal bitters. With its striking look, it is aimed at a younger audience that enjoys discovering new tastes. The bitters are eminently suitable for use in mixed drinks and cocktails."

A design consultancy developed the new bottle design, which only retains a few elements of the old glass container: the green colour, the grips on the side and the sturdy shoulders. O-I then finetuned the design to make it technically feasible.

Striking design features

Patrick Waegemakers, Segment Manager Beer, Spirits and Wine Packaging for O-I Benelux: "We made various changes to the concept. The bottle is narrower so that it can contain one litre. The signature of Hero Jan Hooghoudt appears on one side of the bottle in debossing, where a pattern is 'pressed' into the bottle. The other side carries the logo on the supporting area. To avoid impact edges, we gave the bottom edge a wider diameter than the top edge. This means that the logos don't touch during transport and filling."

In addition, the original design did not have a recessed label panel. In order to achieve this and give a balanced aesthetic to the label area, the height of the bottle was altered.

"What is most unique about the bottle is the positioning of the word 'family recipe' in embossing, in the 'mouth' of the bottle," continues Patrick Waegemakers. "The relief is only visible once the consumer opens the bottle and it is suitable for use in marketing activities. It was used for the first time in the Benelux when a new bottle was introduced for the 100% natural gins made by the Dutch family-owned distillery. That element of surprise was incorporated in this glass container too."

Quality for a supplier with a royal warrant

Hooghoudt is one of the top three distilleries in the Netherlands, and has held a royal warrant for over 25 years. "We are committed to quality, robustness and continuity. O-I has been a dependable partner for years, and always comes up with designs that totally meet our expectations, our values and production standards," says Niels Grootenboer. "Thanks to the expertise of O-I in the design and production of glass containers, our herbal bitters are now available in a premium glass container that makes our brand really distinctive."



About Hooghoudt Distillery

Hooghoudt is one of the most famous distilleries in the Netherlands, and has been based in Groningen since its foundation in 1888. Hooghoudt has a long tradition as a distiller and producer of high quality alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic syrups. Since its establishment, the family business has been owned by successive generations of Hooghoudts. The fourth generation is closely linked to the company as a member of the Supervisory Board. Since 1988, the family distillery has held a royal warrant to supply the Dutch court. Hooghoudt is among the country's top three distilleries and is the market leader in domestically-produced spirits.


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Ilse Derijck Communication Consultant, Outsource Communications
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